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How to Monetize Your Website without Adsense

  If you are having a blog or a website, you may have wondered whether you can monetize your website or blog. When it comes to monetizing a blog or a website, the most popular way is to integrate ads. There are plenty of advertising networks in the market. Google AdSense the popular ad network among them. Every blogger wants to start monetizing their blog with AdSense. But the truth is, getting approval from AdSense is not that easy. Even though you got approved, most of the time you may not be able to earn a significant amount of money, especially if your website or blog is new and only receiving a low monthly traffic.  How to monetize a website or blog without AdSense There are other ways of monetizing websites other than displaying advertisements. But still displaying ads is something good to give a shot. In this case, bloggers and website owners tend to find an alternative for AdSense. This is where we found this particular ad network as the perfect solution. Propellar Ads is a pop

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