How to Monetize Your Website without Adsense


How To Monetize Your Website Without AdSense

If you are having a blog or a website, you may have wondered whether you can monetize your website or blog. When it comes to monetizing a blog or a website, the most popular way is to integrate ads. There are plenty of advertising networks in the market. Google AdSense the popular ad network among them. Every blogger wants to start monetizing their blog with AdSense. But the truth is, getting approval from AdSense is not that easy. Even though you got approved, most of the time you may not be able to earn a significant amount of money, especially if your website or blog is new and only receiving a low monthly traffic. 

How to monetize a website or blog without AdSense

There are other ways of monetizing websites other than displaying advertisements. But still displaying ads is something good to give a shot. In this case, bloggers and website owners tend to find an alternative for AdSense. This is where we found this particular ad network as the perfect solution. Propellar Ads is a popular CPM Ad Network than can be used as an alternative for Google AdSense.

Signing up with Propellar Ads is really easy. You can get your site approved instantly and start implementing ads on your website. After implementing Propellar Ads in your website you can start earning right off the bat.

How to start monetizing my website?

Well, that's simple. Few steps and you are ready to earn money with ads. Let's start.
  1. Go to Propellar Ads Publishers.
  2. Click Sign Up and sign up as a "Publisher".
  3. Enter your details and submit the application.
  4. You will receive an email to verify your account.
  5. Once you verify your account go to Sites > Add Site.
  6. Enter your domain (e.g. and click Add Site.
  7. In the Verification screen use one of the methods to verify that you own the domain.
  8. Once you implement one of the verification methods, click Verify to verify your domain.
  9. Once verified, you are ready to implement ads on your website.
Verify Domain

How to install Ads on my Website?

  1. Now go to Site >
  2. Click Add Zone.
  3. There are several types of Ads you can use on your website. (Note: Interstitial and In-Page Push ads are available for websites that ranks over 500,000 on Alexa)
  4. I recommend using "Onclick (Pop under) with Anti-adblock" with "Multi-tag".
  5. Create a Zone and copy the code.
  6. Paste the code before closing <body> tag on your website.
  7. Boom! now your website is monetized with Propellar Ads.
Create an Ad Unit on Propellar Ads

How much can I earn with Ads?

As you have seen, signing up with Propellar Ads and implementing ads on your website is very easy compared to Google AdSense. Now the next question is how much you can earn with Propellar Ads. Well that depends on how much traffic you get daily, the geo location of your visitors and the device they use. For views of visitors from countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada etc you can earn high. So simply, more the visitors, more you earn. One mazing thing about Propellar Ads is their anti-adblock system. Because many bloggers lose revenue from AdSense due to ad-block. But with Propellar Ads anti-adblock system, you can monetize every visit. And rates of Propellar Ads are also better than Google AdSense. So Propellar Ads is a good option for beginners.

How much can I earn with Propellar Ads

What are the languages Supported?

While there is language restriction in Google Adsense, Propellar Ads do not have any restrictions for language. Language restriction one disadvantage in Google AdSense for many bloggers who are running successful blogs in their native language but is not supported by Google AdSense. But with Propellar Ads, you can monetize a website available in any language. However there is a small list of countries where Propellar ADs doesn't support. Namely;
  • Afghanistan
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Syria

How can I get paid (Payout Methods)

Well Propellar Ads support many payout options. Your minimum payout limit depends on the payout method you selects. The available payout methods are;
  1. Payoneer
  2. Paypal
  3. Skrill
  4. QIWI
  5. Webmoney Z
  6. Yandex.Money
As per Propellar Ads;
"We do care about our publishers’ needs so we have lowered the minimum payout amount to 5 USD, except for Payoneer that has a minimum of $20 payout and Wire - which starts from 550 USD. If the balance is lower, the amount is carried to the next payment cycle"

Is it AdSense Compatible?

Yes. Propellar Ads is AdSense compatible and you can use Propellar Ads along with Google AdSense to generate additional income as well. (Like I do now)


If you are beginner to blogging or having a brand new website and you want to monetize it from day one, the Propellar Ads is the perfect solution. Because unlike Google AdSense, you do not need to wait for a long period to start monetizing your blog or website. Even after you get approval from Google AdSense, you can continue using Propellar Ads on your blog or website to generate additional cash since Propellar Ads is compatible with Google AdSense.

Propellar Ads anti-adblock system allows you to by pass adblockers of your visitors and monetize each and every visit to your website or blog. Overall Propellar Ads is a good alternative for Google AdSense with some cool features. So why are you waiting for? Sign up now with Propellar Ads and start monetizing your website or blog today!

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